Contrary to public perception, the large majority of New York’s art galleries are OPEN throughout the summer.  However, in July and August galleries are closed weekends.  Since all of the scheduled tours I lead take place on Saturdays, it means that in the summer I lead private tours only, on weekdays.  Since private tours cost more than scheduled tours, I’ve decided to offer a 35%-off Summer Special.  Normally my minimum fee for a private tour is $300, but this summer you have the option of a minimum $195 for a private tour that covers 1 – 2 people in full, and then it’s an extra $35 per persons beyond 2 people.  To book my Summer Special private tour, you need to pay the $195 in advance, then the balance (if any) would be due at the start of the tour.  Or, if you expect more than a few people to attend, you’ll save even more by paying in advance $300 for up to 10 people, then an extra $30 per persons beyond 10 people.

Galleries are fully air conditioned in the summer, and there are always a number of extraordinary exhibits then to make for a remarkable experience.  Unlike scheduled tours, where you’re always part of a larger group, on a private tour you control exactly how many people you want to comprise the group.  Naturally, there’s a lot more personal interaction on a private tour between participants and the tour director (myself).

Please e-mail me to set up an extraordinary private tour!

Rafael Risemberg, Ph.D., Director
New York Gallery Tours


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