Artist Career Consults

New York City Art Gallery Tours with Rafael RisembergWe provide consults for artists who want to grow creatively, and also need direction in being able to exhibit their work in New York galleries, the world’s center for contemporary art.

Please arrange a 90-minute Artist Evaluation that takes place in person, in either our West Village office (bring samples of your artwork), or in the artist’s studio (for an additional fee).  Alternatively, artist evaluations can take place on zoom.  Our Director will dialogue with the artist about their background and their artistic vision, then will critique the artworks as to whether they seem to be meeting the artist’s goals.  The Director will also place the artist’s works within the larger context of the New York and international art world, utilizing the Director’s 22-year experience making a living in the exciting, ever-changing New York gallery scene.

For artists looking to be represented by New York galleries, we inform artists exactly how gallery owners choose the artists that they represent.  With its 600 galleries, more than anywhere in the world, New York City can be overwhelming – artists hardly know where to begin – but we know which galleries take on emerging artists, and the kind of art that each gallery shows.

Our fee is $500 for the first session, and $300 for each subsequent session.

E-mail us at [email protected] with questions you have about our services, or to arrange a consult.

Rafael Risemberg, Ph.D.
Founder and Director, New York Gallery Tours