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New York City Art Gallery ToursOur scheduled tours are the most affordable and fascinating, up-to-the-moment contemporary art tours you’ll find. Led by Rafael Risemberg, Ph.D., founder and director for 15 years.

Bushwick Brooklyn gallery tour

Sat. Nov. 18 @ 3:00 PM
66 Knickerbocker Ave. near Grattan St. – $25

Highlights of this 3:00 PM tour, in the city’s newest and funkiest major art area: (1) a riotously funny multiple video and sculptural installation that fills a room, (2) oil paintings on mirrors that comment on decadence in society, and (3) a FREE giveaway of HUNDREDS of an artist’s one-of-a-kind paintings, sculptures, and photos, created over her lifetime, among 7 exciting shows in all.  Take the L-Train to Morgan Ave. Station, then a 10-min. walk.

Though online sales have closed, tickets WILL be available with cash at the door.

Lower East Side gallery tour

Sat. Nov. 25 @ 1:00 PM
195 Chrystie St. near Stanton St. – $25

On this festive holiday weekend tour, which is ALL-NEW, you’ll see (1) a “magical” computer-generated video of a mythical animal immersed in modern day civilization, (2) a young female artist’s dazzling works of oil paint on shiny copper, unlike anything you’ve seen, and (3) wildly colorful digital photographs that are so enormous, they wouldn’t fit in your home.  These are just 3 of 7 exceptional shows in this charming 150-gallery area.

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Chelsea “Best Exhibits” tour

Sat. Dec. 2 @ 1:00 PM and 3:45 PM
526 W. 26th St. near 10th Ave. – $25

Highlights of this ALL-NEW tour, our most extraordinary of the month in any gallery area: (1) STUNNINGLY beautiful exotic assemblages made of tens of thousands of objects, (2) a 27 year-old artist’s glitter-filled paintings that JOYOUSLY defy his homophobic upbringing, and (3) new psychedelic artworks, priced at $800,000 each, by one of the world’s GREATEST living female artists.  These are just 3 of 7 mind-boggling shows.

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C-Town gallery tour in Manhattan

Sat. Dec. 9 @ 1:00 PM
41 Elizabeth St. near Hester St. – $25

The hip, newly-developing part of Chinatown is being called “C-Town,” and young cutting-edge galleries are flocking there for its low rents and vibrant street scene. The art you’ll see won’t be Chinese or Asian focused, though this Lower Manhattan neighborhood still teems with Chinese restaurants.

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Meatpacking District gallery tour

Sat. Dec. 16 @ 1:00 PM
82 Gansevoort St. near Washington St. – $25
(across the street from the Whitney Museum)

With its 4-star restaurants, the Whitney Museum, and the High Line Park, the Meatpacking District is now the city’s trendiest neighborhood, so no wonder art galleries are setting up shop there!  See for yourself its latest shows of painting, sculpture, electronic media, and photography.

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