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New York City Art Gallery ToursOur scheduled tours are the most affordable and fascinating, up-to-the-moment contemporary art tours you’ll find. Led by Rafael Risemberg, Ph.D., founder and director for 17 years.

Chelsea “Best Exhibits” tour

Sat. Sept. 14 @ 1:00 PM and 3:45 PM
526 W. 26th St. near 10th Ave. – $29

Our MOST EXTRAORDINARY tour of the month will include: (1) an Israeli artist’s gorgeous pastel colored paintings, with a completely original twist, (2) a photography show recently profiled in the New Yorker, of landscapes that are both breathtakingly beautiful and politically charged, and (3) a world-renowned female artist’s newest video/ collage amalgamations, using 24 video projectors on one piece alone!  These are just 3 of 7 outstanding shows.

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Artist Studios tour in Bushwick Brooklyn

Sat. Sept. 21 @ 3:30 PM
Sun. Sept. 22 @ 3:30 PM
(identical to the Sat. tour)
77 Morgan Ave. Brooklyn NY 11237 near Harrison Pl. – $29

ALERT: These tours will likely sell out.

Brooklyn is the world’s epicenter for artist studios, with Bushwick housing well over 1000 of them.  Visit 7 studios we think are special, and meet these artists along with their finished artworks and works in progress. Expect MESSY studio spaces, full of tools and supplies.  Plus, you can buy art directly from the artists and save money.  The two tours will be identical, so choose just one.  Take the L-train to Morgan Ave. Station, then a 2-min. walk.

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  before these tours sell out.

Lower East Side gallery tour

Sat. Sept. 28 @ 1:00 PM
195 Chrystie St. near Stanton St. – $29

Highlights of this all-new tour: (1) the most ASTONISHING Virtual Reality art we’ve ever experienced, for which you’ll wear a special headset, (2) a female Pakistani artist’s wild, Pop Art-inspired paintings, and (3) a young artist who has playfully but profoundly altered the architecture of the gallery space itself, to startling effect.  These are just 3 of 7 cutting-edge shows in the city’s charming and world renowned 150-gallery area.

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Tribeca gallery tour

Sat. Oct. 5 @ 1:00 PM
48 Walker St. near Broadway – $29

See for yourself what the whole art world is talking about: the rapid expansion of galleries in Tribeca, one of the city’s oldest and loveliest neighborhoods, just south of Soho. You’ll see brand new painting, sculpture, electronic media, and photography.

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