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New York City Art Gallery ToursOur scheduled tours are the most affordable and fascinating, up-to-the-moment contemporary art tours you’ll find. Led by Rafael Risemberg, Ph.D., founder and director for 17 years.

Lower East Side gallery tour

Sat. May 25 @ 1:00 PM
195 Chrystie St. near Stanton St. – $25

This holiday weekend, see all-new FABULOUS and edgy exhibits, including: (1) a jaw-dropping floor installation made entirely and painstakingly of an extremely fragile substance, (2) a young female artist’s inventive, thought-provoking sculptures of women’s bodies, and (3) computer drawn images that give the fascinating appearance of being 3D, among 7 great shows in the city’s charming and rapidly-growing 150-gallery area!

Though online sales have closed, tickets WILL be available with cash at the door.

Chelsea “Best Exhibits” tour

Sat. June 1 @ 1:00 PM and 3:45 PM
526 W. 26th St. near 10th Ave. – $25

This ALL-NEW tour – our most extraordinary of the month in any gallery area – will include: (1) ENORMOUS new sculptures, one of them selling for $5 million, by an artist who recently had an entire floor of the Whitney Museum, (2) RAVISHING, brilliant color textile works by a third world artist who employed dozens of people to create them, and (3) HEARTFELT, skillfully painted figures by a beloved female artist.  These are just 3 of 7 awesome shows.

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Artist studios tour in Sunset Park Brooklyn

Sat. June 8 @ 3:00 PM and
Sun. June 9 @ 3:00 PM (2 identical tours)
126  31st St. Brooklyn NY 11232 near 4th Ave. – $25

Brooklyn is the world’s epicenter for artist studios, numbering in the tens of thousands.  In Sunset Park Brooklyn, west of Park Slope, you’ll visit 7 we think are special, and meet these artists along with their artworks. Expect MESSY studio spaces, unlike pristine galleries. Plus, you can buy art directly from these artists and save money. The Saturday and Sunday tours will be identical. Take the D-, N- or R-train to 36th St. Station, then a 10-min. walk.

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