How To Definitely Get in as a Walk-In for our Sold Out Artist Studios Tours

While both Bushwick artist studios tours this weekend at 3:30 PM are sold out, you can still definitely attend as a Walk-In for regular admission and visit not just the 7 artist studios officially a part of this tour, but also have access to dozens of other artist studios down the hallways, as long as you can abide by one important limitation (below), that you need to read carefully.

The reason for the limitation is that artist studios are considerably smaller than galleries, some studios barely accommodating 25 people, which was the number of registrants before the tours sold out.  Fortunately, other studios are larger, some accommodating 35+ people.

How to be admitted as a “Walk-In”:
1. Show up ten minutes early to the meeting place, 77 Morgan Ave. near Harrison Place. Note: this weekend the L-train (nearest station to the tour is Morgan Ave. Station) is running every 20 minutes, so give yourself extra travel time.
2, Pay me (Rafael Risemberg) admission of $29 cash per person.  There’s no limit on how many Walk-Ins will be admitted.

The important limitation:
1. The “Pre-Registered” and the “Walk-Ins” will travel throughout the tour together.  However, as we enter each of the 7 artist studios that are officially part of the tour, the Pre-Registered people will enter first, while the Walk-Ins (you) wait in the hallway. Once the Pre-Registered are inside the studio, I will determine whether there is space in each studio for others. Depending on the size of the studio, there may be room for anywhere from zero to several of the Walk-Ins to enter.
2. Please understand that my determination is final and non-negotiable.
3. For Walk-Ins who cannot enter a given studio, you can stand by the open door and, hopefully, look inside and, hopefully, hear my conversation with the artist. Please understand that I cannot guarantee that you can see or hear this part.  Walk-Ins closest to the open door will see and hear more.
4. When the Pre-Registered people and I leave for the next studio, Walk-Ins in the hallway can enter the previous studio, see all the artwork, tools, and supplies, and talk to the artist themselves. You will have received directions to the next stop so you can rejoin the group.
5. This process will repeat for each of the 7 studio visits.

But the news gets better!
While our tour will officially visit 7 studios, there will be DOZENS of other artist studios not part of the tour that are next door to or down the hall from each of my official visits, and you can also enter those studios and talk to those artists, who are there because it’s a special “open studios” day. Plus, some Pre-Registered people will likely enter and spend time at some of those studios not on the tour, leaving more spots available for Walk-Ins to enter the 7 official studios on the tour, along with the rest of the group.  It’s even possible (thought I can’t say likely) that you’ll get to enter just about all 7 studios along with the Pre-Registered.  It depends on the sizes of the studios, and the number of Walk-Ins who show up.

You don’t need to let me know in advance whether you want to attend as a Walk-In, and there’s no way to pay online. Just show up with $29 cash per person to 77 Morgan Ave. near Harrison Place (the meeting place noted on my website and in my emails), and you’ll DEFINITELY get in.

Please let me know if you have questions.  I look forward to seeing you on your next tour!

Rafael Risemberg, Ph.D., Director
New York Gallery Tours
[email protected]